Rolf are swiss made handy and helpful pedalboards for your guitar, bass and synths pedals-effects.

Tired of cables getting tangled, empty batteries, mess on stage and taking more time than the drummer to finish your set up?

Our pedalboards solve all those  little glitches and help you to avoid many bad surprises during your live performances. Then you ll be able to focus on a cold one with all the spare time we can guarantee you.

Our main values are  quality and precision. Each board is hand-made  with quality materials, and we take special care in the realization and the finish treatment of each item.

We build  pedalboards for 8 to 20 pedals  embellished with  many customization options  that will make it THE ultimate piece of gear.

If you are not a guru,  Rolf team  will advise you for the most suitable choice depending on your budget and your needs.